We shape ideas into experiences.

M21M (Merge 2 One Media) is a creative digital agency based in Seattle. We work with you to make your interactive product come together with strategy, speed and skill.

We turn ideas into products.

Our agile team creates comprehensive solutions for your product quickly. From the spark of an idea to initial MVP and final deployment, we believe in sharing progress early and often until your vision is realized.

This is what we do.

UX Strategy and Design

Web Development

Front End Development

Back End Development

Mobile Apps

Brand Strategy

SaaS Solutions

Hardware Platforms

Cloud Solutions


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MoPop Music Experience

This educational software doubles as entertainment at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. Visitors can learn to play the guitar, jam with friends, and test their skills on popular songs.

DuPont Environmental Center Kiosk

This interactive kiosk was designed to engage visitors by allowing them to explore the DuPont refuge before embarking on their tour. A digital map covers the 212-acre area, displaying the various flora and fauna that inhabit it.


Worlds before its time, Castii was one of the first group-sharing iOS apps. With Castii, friends could upload videos and images of shared experiences, storing them in “buckets” for others to enjoy.


PSTMRK is an app designed for worldly users in search of a pen pal. The app connects users from different countries, then translates each other’s texts to their native language, making it possible to communicate with anyone in the world.

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